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The PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Course OWSI :

open water courseWant to work diving? Change your life do the PADI IDC

Those wishing to train as scuba diving instructors need look no further than the PADI IDC courses website, who have some of the best PADI IDCs in the world including a company based in Phuket in Thailand. This reputable company can help those seeking a career change to get the necessary training to start working in their dream job. Scuba Cat is a highly successful and popular company with a well deserved reputation. For women seeking to train as scuba instructors, Scuba Cat is very much an equal opportunities focused company. In fact the owner and director of the company is one of the few female PADI course leaders in South East Asia. More importantly, however, both she and her colleagues are also extremely experienced.

The PADI IDC course is geared towards those who are already experienced scuba divers at Divemaster level and wish to go on to become scuba diver instructors. This course prepares participants to go on to take the PADI based Instructor Exam. For those wishing to set out on a new career, this is the course and the training that will be required. The pre-requisite Divemaster level course is also available at Scuba Cat.For those wishing to review the Divemaster theory, prior to undertaking the PADI IDC course, Scuba Cat has an internship programme available to help them to do that. The Go pro internship allows divers to build up their confidence and experience, preparing them more fully for training as PADI scuba instructors. Divers have the opportunity to build up their dive experience and to practise leading dives alongside experienced PADI instructors.

The PADI IDC takes trainees through the Assistant Instructor and the Open Water Instructor courses, training them to be professional scuba instructors. The course takes 12 days to complete, with some being given the option to complete some of the theory work online, prior to starting the course. During that time participants will have to meet certain criteria and demonstrate their ability to use the PADI system of teaching.

For those that consider training others to dive to be their dream job, Scuba Cat can help them to turn those dreams into reality. The trainers at Scuba Cat are experienced in helping those wishing to start out on a new career to meet their goals. Those completing the course will receive a certificate and will also become PADI members, with all the benefits that such membership entails. This internationally recognised qualification will open the doors for qualifying instructors to work around the world. Each participant is treated as an individual and instructors work to help each person to meet their goals. When considering a career change, most people want a level of stability. Scuba Cat provides that stability in that its courses are professional and those leading them have years of experience.