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The common questions we get asked about diving with us


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does the cost for the same scuba course vary so much between different dive schools, locally?
  2. I want to become a Scuba Dive Instructor, is that possible?
  3. Do you have to first learn in a swimming pool?
  4. Dive planning seems so complicated and I'm allergic to maths. Will I manage?

Some dive schools & centres advertise "cheap" courses to attract customers looking for "bargain deals" These deals can come at a cost to you if you are not careful. Once you have booked a course, you may find you are training in large groups, have to share a public pool during confined water training and find there are "hidden extras" in the price of the course!
At Silent Bubbles we offer you the highest quality scuba training in small groups, with experienced, friendly PADI Instructors, dedicated classrooms for theory sessions and a private, indoor heated pool for all the confined water training. On ALL open water dives, we offer one to one supervision for your safety and comfort. All course prices at Silent Bubbles are fully inclusive* and include everything you will need to complete your course, while having fun & enjoyment!


Everythink is possible but one step at a time, you need to learn how to dive then become confident in your diving and gain loads of experience, then work as a divemaster before even considering attempting to become an instructor, if you want to look further into this then we suggest looking at the idc-guide to see if you can qualify to study as a PADI Dive Instructor after taking your PADI IDC


In England yes, because a swimming pool is a safe, comfortable and controlled environment to learn in and there is nothing to distract student divers. Silent Bubbles`s pool training is conducted in a private heated indoor pool!


It's true that dive planning tables have been drawn up through extensive research and calculation. However, you don't have to worry about that. If you can read a train timetable you'll find dive planning really easy and your instructor will take you through it step by step.


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